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November 2015 - 50 States Series: Best Local Bakeries Worth Traveling For

October 2015 - Very nice place with gourmet food in the Alaska wilderness. They have upscale coffees and baked goods from scratch and made pride. The atmosphere is pleasant and a feeling of a refuge from the wilderness. It's a combination of a coffee shop and bakery on the edge of things. The food is very good too! Healthy salads and a combination of other organic tasty products. - Trip Advisor Review

February 2014 - I'd call to thank you for my order of four bags of granola but I can't talk because my mouth is full. I'm addicted. Thank you so much. - Ann from Pennsylvania

September 2013 - Great breakfast. We spent a couple days around Talkeetna were glad to get out of town. The one bright spot was breakfast at the Flying Squirrel. We had a couple of very tasty sandwiches, fine coffee, and took some excellent cookies for the road. This little place is definitely worth a stop. - Trip Advisor Review

November 20, 2012 - The food is fantastic - the soup was genuinely homemade and packed with flavour (nothing artificial); the accompanying bread was amazing; and the carrot cake muffins and the cookies were outstanding. The a little gem. Trip Advisor Review

October 2012 - Worked in Talkeetna the past two summers and loved to send all my RV traveling tourists to this place, especially the Euro's. They ALL came back and thanked me for telling them about the place. Not one person in two years complained and most raved about it. Not what you would expect in out back Alaska, as the baked goods are all prepared at a high level of craft...Very consistent, again another suprise in my experience traveling thought out the state while eating out. - Steve, Trip Advisor Review

February 2010 - Brunch was fabulous today. We spent much the meal chatting about how grateful we are that you are in business and what a special place you have. I especially appreciate the quality of your work and the local haven that you provide. Thank you for being here and sharing your talents with us. - Shannon, Talkeetna resident

November 2010 - Mat Su Convention & Visitor's Bureau Awards Cheechako New Business Award to Flying Squirrel Bakery Cafe. Read more here.

July 2010 - The Flying Squirrel Cafe is my favorite restaurant in Talkeetna for 2010. Their setting is spectacular, away from the "Disney Land" downtown area, and nestled into the woods, with both indoor and outdoor seating. As soon as you walk in you'll smell the wonderful baked goods and enjoy their large, open space. Their meals are excellent, and if you come at night, their pizzas are out of this world good. - Alvin Alexander,

April 2010 - The Flying Squirrel is 3 miles OUT of the downtown area on the Spur Rd, which is wonderful for avoiding the summer crowds. Us locals are pretty psyched to have a place with reasonably priced delicious foods that we can ride a bike to....The atmosphere is bright and colorful, with new art shows on the walls each month. Delicious, healthy, creative food. - Talkeetna Cabin Girl, Trip Advisor Review

September 2009 - I stopped by for lunch with my family for the first time on Sunday and everything was fantastic. The fresh grainy bread, beet salad, and lentil soup were all scrumptious and the rugelach - OH MY GOD - was to die for!!! I'm telling everyone I know in Eagle River and Anchorage all about the Flying Squirrel....Alaskans need fresh, delicious, aesthetically pleasing food like yours. I can't wait until my next trip to Talkeetna. (You'll be my first stop!) - Natalie, What's Cool In Alaska

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