Who We Are...
The front of Flying Squirrel Bakery Cafe on a sunny summer day. At the northern reaches of flying squirrel habitat, a humble bakery cafe has sprouted up in the semi-wilds of an Alaskan forest. We aim to provide something different, creative and exciting for area residents and visitors to Talkeetna, Alaska.

Carved out of the woods in 2009, Flying Squirrel Bakery Café is a deli-style eatery serving all kinds of delicious sweets and hearty, wholesome foods for eat-in or take-out throughout the morning, afternoon and evening. A variety of pastries, freshly baked artisan breads and creative savory items are available to locals and visitors year round. Wood fired pizza nights, special brunches, holiday treats, special orders, wedding cakes and catering are some of Flying Squirrel's specialties.

Our goals: run a long term, locally owned and operated, simple and accessible food establishment in a peaceful setting that utilizes fresh, local, Alaska Grown and organic ingredients as much as possible. We strive to provide a creative selection of delicious scratch made foods. It is equally important that this business reflects responsible and thoughtful development, care for the environment, attention to health, nutrition, and food issues, a cooperative, supportive work setting working toward a living wage for all employees, as well as commitment to the community. Click here to see some of the ways we are actively trying to make a difference.

Flying Squirrel Bakery Cafe attracts customers of all kinds: vegans, gluten free folks, and meat lovers too; local residents, Alaska travelers and visitors from all over the world; people traveling by car, truck, RV, bicycle, dogsled, snowmachine, baby carriage, on foot or on skis.

Flying Squirrel Bakery Cafe is a family affair. Pictured here are owners Anita and Brian, their son Oliver and both sets of Oliver's grandparents!

Welcome to "the Squirrel"! We hope you will help shape the future of this little cafe by walking through our doors - often, by giving us your suggestions, and by using your voice to let others know we're here.

Many thanks,
Anita Golton

FLYING SQUIRREL BAKERY CAFE, LLC - Mile 11 Talkeetna Spur - Talkeetna, Alaska - 907-733-NUTS - info@flyingsquirrelcafe.com - ©2011